Diabetic Recipes

Eating doesn’t have to be boring just because you’re diabetic. I love discovering and making delicious low carb recipes, you can find my favourites here.

I’ve got to be honest, I like a bit of cooking. Have done ever since my mum and dad used to let me come into the kitchen and help them make dinner. Mainly I think this interest was based on how much I loved to eat (probably still partly is if I’m entirely honest). However, since I was diagnosed with diabetes, cooking took on a whole new level of importance for me.

What’s the one way you can be sure of what you’re putting in your body? Make it yourself of course. Processed and ready meals are, for the most part, shite. Particularly if your pancreas isn’t in a position to deal with the sugar spikes these carb heavy meals deliver. I like to cook meals that are low carb, high in protein and full of a good quantity and variance of veg. This all allows me to easily control my blood sugar around meal time with a minimal amount of insulin. Happy days right?

As I make diabetic friendly recipes that I REALLY enjoy I’ll add them here and hopefully some of you will find them as helpful as I do.

Healthy Carribean Coconut Stew - Content Preview

Featured Recipe: Healthy Carribean Coconut & Kidney Bean Stew

Treat your tastebuds to a taste of the coconutty carribean with this delicious, zesty, meat free stew.

Low Carb Japanese Chicken Curry

Low Carb Spicy Malaysian Lemon Chicken Soup Bowl

Low Carb Spicy Malaysian Lemon Chicken Soup

Low Carb Sweet Spice Chocolate Chip Carrot Muffins

Low Carb Sweet Spice Chocolate Chip Carrot Muffins

Halloumi And Sweet Potato Curry

Low Carb Millionaires Shortbread 9

Low Carb Millionaires Shortbread

Low Carb Creamy Lemon Salmon Pasta