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100 Burpees A Day For Diabetes Awareness Month

For the month of November I will be doing 100 burpees a day to raise awareness for #DiabetesAwarenessMonth!

That’s 3,000 burpees across the month! My aim is to have a vehicle from which to make people aware of, or remind them about, the serious impact diabetes has on the 422 million people living with it, and the almost 4 million people killed by it, every year.

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On Diabetes Is A Feedspot Top 25 UK Diabetes Blog

This is just a really quick one to say how happy I am that Feedspot has decided that this blog is in the top 25 UK blogs on diabetes (number 12 to be precise!) Plenty of hard work has gone into the blog so far and it feels great for it to be recognised.

On Diabetes – 12th Best UK Diabetes Blog

Feedspot has a team of over 25 experts whose goal is to discover and rank popular blogs, podcasts and youtube channels in several niche categories. With millions of blogs on the web, finding influential bloggers in a niche industry is a hard problem to address. Our experience leads us to believe that a thoughtful combination of both algorithmic and human editing offers the best means of curation.

You can check out the full list here.

Stick around guys because I’m planning on things getting a lot better still!

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My Diabetic Survival Kit

Very soon after being diagnosed I realised that hardly any diabetic’s kit is one and the same. From the insulin used through to the measuring equipment it seems there are unlimited combinations when it comes to treating diabetes, which I find weirdly fascinating.

I thought I would share my setup with you as I’m guessing you might be as interested as me in how other people treat their condition but also in the hope that others may share theirs with me.

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Happy Dia-Anniversary To Me (And Bonfire Night To Everyone Else!)

Today is my diabetic anniversary. It’s been three years exactly since I was told to go to the outpatients department in Frimley Park Hospital the Saturday morning after going to my GP to have bloods taken. I will never forget that day, it was a whirlwind of emotions and of unsettling contrasts. Crushing boredom as I lay on a hospital bed getting regularly tested, having insulin administered and being told to go and piss in a pot but all underlined with a mounting feeling of dread and apprehension.

Am I going to be ok? What does this mean for me? What is the rest of my life going to be like? Why do they keep testing me? Am I getting better or worse?

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I’m Ryan & I’ve Got Diabetes

I was diagnosed on the 5/11/16. This is already an infamous night in the UK, Bonfire Night, and a date that was readily stuck in my head due to a legendary rhyme about Guy Fawkes and his failed plot to bring down the Houses Of Parliament.

Remember, remember, the 5th of November. Gunpowder, treason and plot…

Well, it suddenly became unforgettable for a number of other reasons…