Welcome to On Diabetes

Welcome to On Diabetes, a blog created by a T1D LADA male based in the UK to share insight about living with diabetes and offer practical help and support to anyone affected by it.

Diabetes & Me

Diabetes & Me

A little bit about how I became T1D, what that’s meant for me and why I’ve decided to start On Diabetes! It’s been a wild ride so far and it might get a bit bumpier.

Diabetic Lifestyle

Diabetic Lifestlye

Lifestyle has got to be THE biggest contributing factor to the successful, or unsuccessful, management of diabetes. Let’s get it right!

Diabetic Recipes

Diabetic Recipes

Eating doesn’t have to be boring just because you’re diabetic. I love discovering and making delicious low carb recipes, you can find my favourites here.

Healthy Carribean Coconut Stew - Content Preview

Featured Recipe: Healthy Carribean Coconut & Kidney Bean Stew

Treat your tastebuds to a taste of the coconutty carribean with this delicious, zesty, meat free stew.

cells and insulin sensitivity diabetes - Page feature

Featured Blog: The Importance Of Insulin Sensitivty & Staying Active

Insulin sensitivity is a really important indicator of a diabetics health, and one that can be positivily impacted with relatively small changes.


Featured Article: The 15 Biggest Diabetes Myths – Debunked

Whether you’re newly diagnosed or a veteran diabetic, you’ve probably heard some ‘interesting’ statements about diabetes. Here’s some of the biggest ones, busted!