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The Importance Of Insulin Sensitivity & Staying Active

Exercise is important, we all know that. Whether you’re diabetic or not, regular movement has a range of benefits that have been done to death and I don’t feel the need to go through them all here. However, if you’re diabetic exercise carries a whole new level of significance when it comes to controlling your blood sugar.

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How I Coped With Coronavirus As a Type 1 Diabetic

When I tested positive for Covid-19, my first thought was:

Am I going to die?

It sounds over dramatic I know, but I’m sure it’s a thought that goes through most people’s minds — whether living with an underlying condition like Type 1 diabetes or not. I work in media and just weeks before my diagnosis, I’d been reading a news story about how the risk
of dying of Coronavirus is higher for people living with diabetes than people without the condition.