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The Importance Of Insulin Sensitivity & Staying Active

Exercise is important, we all know that. Whether you’re diabetic or not, regular movement has a range of benefits that have been done to death and I don’t feel the need to go through them all here. However, if you’re diabetic exercise carries a whole new level of significance when it comes to controlling your blood sugar.

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100 Burpees A Day For Diabetes Awareness Month

For the month of November I will be doing 100 burpees a day to raise awareness for #DiabetesAwarenessMonth!

That’s 3,000 burpees across the month! My aim is to have a vehicle from which to make people aware of, or remind them about, the serious impact diabetes has on the 422 million people living with it, and the almost 4 million people killed by it, every year.


Mushroom Picking – Best Unexpected Ways To Control Your Blood Sugar #1

Activity is hands down one of the best ways to lower your blood sugar and keep it controlled. As far as I’m concerned anyway. There’s no question that the food that you choose to put into your mouth plays a big part too, but ultimately you can eat whatever you want if you’re planning on doing enough activity to counter it.

One of the biggest complaints I see among diabetics is struggling to get enough activity in to make a difference. I see myself as quite an active person and, although I may often do stereotypical things to burn through some calories, I also think there may be a few things I get up to that may surprise fellow diabetics when it comes to calorie burning and glucose controlling.

So, this blog is going to be the first in a series of short pieces that showcase a few of the different ways I get off my arse and take steps to help keep my BG in check.