28 of the Funniest Diabetes Memes

One thing I have learnt since becoming diabetic is the fact that, a lot of us, like to find humour where we can when battling this difficult disease.

It looks like humour really can be one of the greatest healers, at least for a few sweet, sweet seconds anyway.

The resounding success of my diabetes jokes page got me thinking, what form of online humour is most loved by cynical, time poor and depressed people, memes of course.

I feel like i’ve made some pretty funny diabetic memes in the time since my diagnosis (even if I do say so myself) and I have also connected with other type one diabetic meme creators whose meme creation skills far excel my own.

So, I’ve decided in my eternal wisdom and state of diabeticness, that I should collect some of the most funny diabetes memes I have found during my endless hours scrolling the internet into one handy location for you fine folk.

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The Most Funny Diabetes Memes (Created By Me!)

Oh well, I didn’t want to sleep for the next 3 hours anyway 🤷🏻‍♂️ 😢

With your tears making that peanut butter extra salty 😢

Where my anchorman fans at? 😂

The morning your alarm goes off after a rough night of diabetes is up there as one of the worst things 😖

It would be a little less bad if we looked even half as good as Geralt of Rivia with it 😆

“Keep that last slice of double pepperoni stuffed crust out of your f***ing mouth” 🍕 😂 👀

Me: “Oh really, cinnamon, it’s that easy huh? Wonder why medical professionals aren’t prescribing it then?”

Them: “BeCoz BiG PHarma”

Me: 🙄

🤬 High blood sugar fuelled rage intensifies 🤬

Made my first meme, I hope you guys like it 😁

Give it a ❤️ if those diabetes memes help you through the bad times or you’re a Starship Troopers fan 🐜

As someone who identifies with both, I thought this was pretty sweet 👍🏻

You DO NOT need that whole packet of chocolate buttons! 🍫 🤣

I’m about to enter my 5th festive campaign 🎖

May you all survive your next diabetic adventure my diabuddies 🤣

It really does feel like that, we’re old (and maybe wise 🤔) before our times 👴🏻 👵🏻 🤣

2 hours after pizza 👍🏻

5 hours after pizza 🥵🤕😵‍💫🤢

Oh yeah sure I will just never take on any new energy again, it’s not like my body needs it to survive or anything… 🤔

I’ve changed my mind and I want to get off this ride please 🎢

(Maybe it’s just a headache/maybe I’m just thirsty/maybe I’m just tired/maybe I’m just hungry/maybe I’m just too hot) Better check my blood sugar! 🩸 Oh I’m fine 🙂 🤷🏻‍♂️

I know this but hypo’d me refuses to believe it when there’s a whole bag of Haribo in front of me 🤷🏻‍♂️ 🤣

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The Funniest Diabetes Memes Created by my Diabuddies

One thing I hope many of us diabetics can agree on is the fact that having diabetes connects you with people you otherwise would never have interacted with, and also in a way that you never connect with those normies you know.

Connecting because of a shared love for diabetic memes is a whole other level of unique and there are 2 people in particular I want to mention, they’re dankdiabetesmemes and memest1d.

They create some of the freshest, most relatable, most spit out your drink and rip out your sensor-able memes in the known universe and they have kindly said I can showcase some of their best work on this here page for you lucky people. So sit back, relax and give your BG a check, things are about to get very memey round here.

Credit: dankdiabetesmemes on Instagram

Whoops 💦🌀
Anyone else go low in the shower a lot?

Credit: memest1d on Instagram

I’m not sure how many more “few more years” I’ve got left in me 💀

Credit: dankdiabetesmemes on Instagram

Who can remember stuff like that??

Credit: dankdiabetesmemes on Instagram

✨ Chronically Online & Chronically ill✨

Literally me 🐀

Credit: memest1d on Instagram

You can feel the monkey on your shoulder before that first slice even touches your lips 😔

Credit: dankdiabetesmemes on Instagram

Did you know you have rights?? The constitution says ya do!

Credit: dankdiabetesmemes on Instagram

I had TWO low blood sugars last night 🤠

Credit: memest1d on Instagram

In all honesty, at this point, I am just as likely to ignore both! 🤷‍♂️

Credit: dankdiabetesmemes on Instagram

Straight up not having a good time 😩

Credit: memest1d on Instagram

Those mid-sleep lows hit something different!

Credit: dankdiabetesmemes on Instagram

👁️👄👁️ 🧪
thank u Mr Banting! 💙

Credit: memest1d on Instagram

The innocent bystanders always end up the worst off!

And there you have it, a compilation of some of the undoubtedly funniest diabetes memes in the world.

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